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Mi Jung was born in South Korea and lives and works in Oakland, California.

She received a Bachelors of Fine Arts at the California College of Arts. Her art has shown in various group and solo exhibitions across the United States.

Mi Jung is a graduate jewelry designer from the Gemological Institute of America (GIA). She has received various awards and her work has exhibited in numerous juried art and craft shows nationally as well as international jewelry shows.


“My art is an expression of my essence. It is a process of putting my own spirit/soul - into physical form.”


There is a unity in Mi Jung’s work:

Art of Western painting which consists of layering colors, scratching, and erasing is all in harmony with characteristic features of Oriental painting, such as spreading, abbreviating, spacing and brushing calligraphic stokes. 


While her work is categorized as Abstract, there is a traditional spirit woven throughout each piece the holds both an enduring timelessness and a feeling of contemporary sentiment that lives in the moment.


“As a result of a completely intuitive art-making process, my art challenges the viewer to reflect on the relationship of our shared and common human experience and the very nature of our Authentic Self.”


“My passion for jewelry making blends sculptural and organic forms into works of wearable art.”


Working primarily in gold, sterling silver and precious gemstones, Mi Jung strives for timelessness in every piece she creates.


Her sculptural pieces reflect her appreciation for the richness of simplicity. There is a sense of wonder calling attention to each element which takes pride in itself. The pieces become a careful inquiry into both the physical world and one’s own vision. They are bold and dramatic.


Her nature inspired pieces are intricately embellished. Their shapes are rounded, gentle and full to bursting with some elemental essence of life. They are yearning. They are nurturing and peaceful.


“Each piece wears my personal voice: It is about meeting of the minds, connecting of the hearts.

It is about balance, love, life, Yin/Yang…. a constant, as it should be, as it must be.” 

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